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Legal advisory service including customised legal documents - fixed fee pricing

Most entrepreneurs are surprised to find that key legal documents which provide essential protections are both uncomplicated and affordable. 

It is important to make certain key decisions and to address business compliance requirements in the early days of operation. So don’t rush past this crucial first step.

​Decisions which should be addressed up front include for example, the appropriate business structure, shareholder arrangements, voting rights and the various powers afforded to equity partners, decision making procedures, provision for additional equity capital raisings and its effect on initial shareholdings, the appointment of new directors and procedures for resolving disagreement.

We have developed an essential checklist for new business ventures, covering:

  • Appropriate Business Structure

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Intellectual Property Considerations

  • Essential Legal Agreements & Contracts

  • Company Policies & Procedures Handbook

Our customised top-tier legal documents, include:

  • Company Secretarial Documents

  • Commercial Lease Agreement

  • Shareholders' Agreement

  • Confidentiality Agreement & 1 page NDA

  • Services Agreement

  • Asset Sale Agreement

  • Loan / Loan Facility Agreement

  • Employment & Contractor Contracts

  • Employee Option Plan

  • Website Terms of Use

  • Website Privacy Policy

Company Secretarial: Legal Housekeeping

All company stuctures, regardless of their size, are required to maintain records mandated by the Corporations Act 2001. Failure to comply can lead to Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) fines. It is essential that business owners are aware of their legal obligations and keep their secretarial documents current.  


Important documents include:

  • register of shareholders and option holders,

  • share certificates evidencing the shareholdings,

  • application forms when investors subscribe for shares,

  • transfer forms when shares are bought and sold,

  • board resolutions approving all issues and transfer of shares and other key decisions of the company,

  • consents to act as directors,

  • company constitution; and

  • power of attorney documents authorising key executives to sign documents on behalf of the company.

Employee & Contractor Considerations

Choosing individuals who will complement your existing team is crucial with a small business. Equally important is your suite of appropriate employee and/or contractor agreements. These should be in place before commencing any negotiations concerning new additions to your team. Your agreements should also reference your company's policies and procedures as detailed in your formal Company Handbook. Reasonable non-compete and non-solicitation provisions within employee/ contractor agreements are also essential.

Intellectual Property

Particularly in the case of a new business venture, the intellectual property is often the sole asset and as such, very valuable. Consideration should be given to protecting your intellectual property as well as key relationships by way of appropriate Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Website Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Nowadays, every business needs a website, and with it a set of Website Terms of Use setting out the rules for people using your website, including prohibited conduct.  Your website usage terms should reflect your business.  For example, if you sell products through your website, you will need provisions regarding pricing, payments, delivery and returns and refunds, as well as disclaimers and limitations of liability to protect you in case of unforseen circumstances which negatively affect your interests.

The Privacy Act 1988 provides that websites for businesses operating in Australia with turnover less than $3 million are not mandated to include a Privacy Policy.


Visitors to your site will expect however that you provide your Privacy Policy detailing how their personal information will be handled.


The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also applies to all companies accessing the personal data of EU residents, regardless of geographical location.

Fixed Fee Legal Documents:

We have collaborated with a leading AI legal consultancy to bring to you the full suite of personalised legal agreements and other key documents at attractive fixed fee billing arrangements.


  • Company Constitution,

  • Shareholder and Partnership Agreements,

  • Director Agreements & Documents,

  • Confidentiality Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement,

  • Transfer/ issuance of Shares,

  • Intellectual Property Licence Agreement,

  • Deed of Assignment of Intellectual Property,

  • Intellectual Property Usage Contract,

  • End User Licence,

  • Employee Handbook,

  • Employee and Independent Contractor Agreements,

  • Confidentiality / Non Disclosure Agreement

  • Website Terms of Use,

  • Website Privacy Policy,

  • Website Returns Policy,

  • Commercial Lease Agreement,

  • Deed of Settlement and Release (Commercial Disputes).

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