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Marriages and De Facto Relationships

"We assist our clients in both clarifying their legal postion and in resolving additional issues that stem from relationship breakdown."

Separation and divorce can be a traumatic experience for both parties. At the very least, relocating to a new home, coming to agreement about the care of children and dividing the marital property is generally both  disruptive and time-consuming.


Relationship breakdown can also bring about profound feelings of disempowerment and loss. The emotional toll on the children and extended family members can trigger an additional set of issues to be addressed. Each person affected will experience difference emotions, at different stages and in different intensities, often manifesting without prior warning.

There can also be other concerns, such as distuption to care arrangements for children and elderly family members and issues relating to family estates.

We understand the emotional trauma faced by many of our clients and take the time to understand all of the issues, not just the legal framework. We work with our clients in clarifying their legal position, helping them arrive at a "better place" and getting their lives back on track.

We provide prompt and expert assistance in the following:


  • Applications for Divorce

  • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Arrangements

  • Parenting Arrangements

  • Property settlements, in particular, complex property arrangements, trusts and partnerships

  • Superannuation Splits

  • De Facto Relationships

  • Consent Orders

  • Binding Financial Agreements

  • Domestic Violence Issues & Apprehended Violence Orders

  • International Parental Child Abduction

We encourage parties to come to agreement and will always strive for a negotiated settlement, either privately or by mediation. If your case proceeds to litigation we will manage your case during Court proceedings. 

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