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Cropped Personal injury - joint-pain-med

NO WIN, NO FEE Guarantee!

Contact our claims management team for an obligation free initial consultation.

Our experts will provide a no obligation assessment of the compensation available to you, the strength of your case and how to best navigate the personal injury insurance landscape.

  • Work related injuries

  • Motor vehicle accident injuries

  • Superannuation TPD insurance claims

  • Public liability claims

  • Medical negligence claims


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"Baxter Warne's solid legal advice combined with their

personal mentoring and support is invaluable."

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"I can rely on Deborah for her attention to detail and her commitment to getting the best result possible. ​She explains everything and keeps me up to date with my case. She gives me support and encouragment to deal with the ongoing issues." Ashur O.

"Thank you Deborah for obtaining an excellent outcome with my claim for compensation for my injuries resulting from a severe work-related accident. I really appreciated your detailed management of my claim and your appreciation of  the impact of my accident on me personally. Thank you also for your assistance with my application to obtain University disability support and with my other issues generally. Deborah helped me get my life back on track and I highly recommend her services." Jamal K.

"I feel alot more confident in dealing with my workers' compensation insurer now that I have Deborah's support and guidance." Louise E. 

"The Baxter Warne team negotiated on my behalf with both my workers' compensation insurer and my employer to ensure a positive outcome for me in terms of both my compensation benefits and salary entitlements. I cannot thank them enough for their concern for me." Meena T. 



  • Personal Injury Claims

  • Family & De Facto Relationships - Separation & Divorce,  Child Support & Parenting Arrangements, Property Settlements

  • Binding Financial Agreements including pre-nups

  • Wills & Estate Planning

  • Applications for Probate, Letters of Administration

  • Contested Wills

  • Elder Law - Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianships, Disputes

  • Business advisory - business structure, risk management strategies

  • Insolvency Situations

  • Property Disputes

  • Commercial Disputes

  • Litigation Specialists

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