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Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation

"It's not just about the law". It's important to also take into account the context, the relationships, the impact of decisions as well as the financial considerations.

We provide holistic and considerate advice.

While in circumstances where  parties are unable to reach a resolution they should seek legal assistance, all too often, legal disputes can be disruptive, time-consuming and in some cases, catastrophic.


It is not uncommon for those affected to experience confusion, anger and sometimes, a profound sense of disempowerment and loss. We are mindful of each of our client's particular circumstances and provide holistic support and advice.

Our approach in resolving disputes is to take into account all of the underlying issues, the long-term interests of each of the parties and their relationships, as well as the personal and financial consequences of taking a particular course of action and the effect on associated parties and stakeholders.

It  may be that the dispute has occurred as a result of misunderstanding and can be resolved through education as to each of the party's legal position and encouragement to consider the other's position.

We encourage parties seek compromise before engaging in Court proceedings. It is important to consider how a Judge, with no prior knowledge of either the parties or their particular circumstances would assess the case and come to a decision based on the evidence available. We assist our clients to clearly articulate their issues and to objectively assess whether they can justify their position.

Mediated Settlement

A mediated process involves each party identifying their own issues and proposed options for settlement. Parties are encouraged to share their personal perspectives, concerns and what is important to them. In acknowledging each other's point of view, the parties, assisted by the Mediator, work together to reach a negotiated outcome.


A mediated settlement is always preferable to Court proceedings, which can involve significant delays, increased costs and uncertainty. Settlement by mediation also increases the possibility of the parties being able to maintain a positive relationship into the future.

Our Costs

We are up front about our costs. We will provide you with our estimate for our servcies as well as our itemised statement of account detailing our fees and costs in resolving your matter. We are happy to discuss fee arrangements and fixed-price billing options with you.

We believe that everyone should have access to clear and concise legal advice at reasonable cost. We deliver quality service and work with our clients to get their lives back on track with the least possible disruption. 

It's time to take back control of your life.

Get in touch today for your complementary initial consultation.

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